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Pergolas Do More Than Just Provide Shade

Take advantage of these pergola installation perks in Texas City, Galveston, TX and surrounding areas

It's hard to enjoy your patio when there's nothing to shield you from the sweltering sun. Adding a pergola can make your outdoor space far more comfortable. Hire Guaranteed Roofing & Remodeling if you want your pergola installation done right.

In addition to adding shade to your backyard, the patio cover we build for you can...

  • Boost your property value.
  • Protect your patio from the elements.
  • Improve your home's energy efficiency.
  • Prevent your patio furniture from fading in the sun.

Contact us today to schedule pergola installation services in Texas City, Galveston, TX and surrounding areas.

Put a garden over your head with a pergola

Your patio cover doesn't have to serve just one purpose. Consider building a pergola to shade your patio and showcase your favorite climbing plants. Guaranteed Roofing & Remodeling offers pergola installation services to homeowners in Texas City, Galveston, TX and surrounding areas.

You'll be impressed with our pergola installation work. Check out our Project Photos page now for inspiration.

It's Pergola Time, Baby!


Take advantage of our Spring Sale and beat the heat with a new Pergola or Patio Cover!

Get a 10x10 Pergola for as little as $32/month!

Pergolas are an easy way to add value to your home and create a cool space to spend your Quarantine!

You're 5 Easy Steps Away!

#1 - Pick Your Location

Did you know, a pergola can go pretty much anywhere?
Create your Spring Oasis where ever you want!

  • Attach it to your back porch!
  • Set it back near the pool!
  • You can even suspend it in-between two buildings! (no posts needed!)
  • **Your pergola can be built with or without a slab/deck.
    We can even build one for you!

#2 - Pick Your Size

The dimensions are your's to choose! Most pergolas range anywhere from 10x10 to 16x24, but the process is custom to you and your needs.

  • Use it to make a statement like we did at our office! [on the left]
  • Use it to provide a little shade near your garden with a mini-pergola
  • Bridge the gap between your house and garage with a breeze-way

#3 - Pick Your Materials

Our pergolas are crafted using either treated wood or cedar. Both products will hold up to Texas weather and impress your guests! When making your decision, you'll want to take your visual expectations as well as your budget into account. Treated wood will be the more economical choice. Cedar wood will be the bigger investment up front, but the look makes it worth while! Check out these samples from our office to get a look at the difference. We assure you, with either option, you'll be thrilled with the result!

We have both of these samples in front of our office in Texas City if you're interested in viewing the difference in-person.

#4 - Pick Your Style

Whether you're going for something simple, elegant, or flashy, we can make it happen! You can customize the number of posts used, the shape of your joist ends, and so on. Your Specialist is able to fit your specifics to the T. Feel free to look up new ideas online, and we can match almost any style you find.

#5 - Pick Your Stain

Your last decision will be the finishing touch! A stain is not required, but it will do wonders for the lifespan of your pergola. Unlike paint, stain will not peel because the penetrating oil stains the wood, it doesn't sit on the surface. You've got a mountain of options for the color you choose. We even have options that will look like there's no stain at all (if that's the look you'd like)!