1) Age: 20 years+

Many factors play into the lifespan of a roofing system: materials used, experience level of the installation crew, the type of decking used, and the impact of seasonal storms such as hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, etc. As a rule of thumb, any roof that reaches a life of 20 years or more should be thoroughly inspected for any current or potential issues that may cause serious damage to the interior of your home.

2) Missing Shingles**

This can be a sign of storm damage or your Roofing System reaching the end of its lifespan. A missing shingle turns into an opportunity for water to penetrate the roof and cause damage. If you see any missing shingles, you should call a professional asap to ensure the exposed area is repaired before costly damage occurs.

3) Granules in Your Gutters

When shingles are damaged or too old, they will begin losing their granules. These will end up in your gutters or in your driveway as a result. This is a major sign of a Roofing System losing its integrity and should be followed-up by a thorough roof inspection.

4) Ceiling Damage/Water Stains**

This is the easiest way to spot a roof leak. Unfortunately, it also means that damage has been done to your home. Homeowners should take immediate action when a brown spot in their ceiling appears. This can be a sign of a minor roof leak that's a quick-fix, the need for a substantial repair, or a full replacement. Homeowners should call a professional roofer to inspect the roofing system. Some of these leaks are caused by other issues such as an a/c or plumbing leak. In this case, whoever you call out should be able to tell you what kind of contractor you're going to need.

5) Mildew or Mold in Your Attic**

This can be the result of improper ventilation in your roof. It is a health risk to you and your family. If you notice the signs, you should call in for a thorough roof inspection asap.

6) Popped Up Shingles / Exposed Nail Heads**

Popped up shingles allow for water penetration in your Roofing System. In some instances, these issues can be resolved with an inexpensive repair. It can also be the result of inferior roof decking; shiplap. The best way to resolve this issue would be replacing the entire Roofing System and replacing the decking with CDX plywood.

7) Missing / Unsealed Flashing**

If you have a chimney, flashing is used to protect the base from water penetration into your Roofing System. When the seal around this area is broken, there is opportunity for damage to occur. We recommend an immediate repair to prevent damage.

8) Inconsistent Appearance

If you notice your roof starting to have less texture in some areas or a bumpy look across the roof, you should have the roof inspected. From the ground, it can be hard to spot the real issues behind this new look. You may have cracked, curled, or broken shingles that need to be replaced.

9) Sagging Roof

This can be a sign of a few things: improper installation, weak supports, or too many layers of shingles for the structure to support. No matter the cause, a sagging roof should be replaced.

10) Dark Spots on Your Roof

This could be a sign of algae growing on your Roof System. It should be removed asap. If it doesn't look right, you should always have a professional roofer check it out.

**Some of these can be signs of a much-needed replacement OR repair. The sooner you take action, the better it is for your home and your wallet!

What's the biggest mistake homeowners make when replacing their roof?

The biggest mistake homeowners make when replacing their roof is NOT replacing the shiplap decking with CDX plywood. Re-roofing your home over shiplap decking causes splits and cracks in the shiplap as each nail goes in. Many roofers will NOT guarantee a roof against leaks when it has shiplap decking. Due to the new cracks, leaks WILL occur, regardless of how well the Roof System was installed. You would be paying for a brand-new roof that leaks.

Deciding Between a Repair or Replacement?

Deciding between a repair and replacement can be a daunting task. How long will the repair last? Are there any other areas that will need repairs soon? How long do you plan on being in the home?
Our Roofing Specialists are trained to help you make the best decision possible for your Roof System's integrity and your pocketbook. If a repair is appropriate, we'll tell you! Give us a call for a FREE roof inspection and consultation.

Preventative Measures to Extend the Life of Your Roof

It is important to maintain your roof every year to ensure it lasts the entire life expectancy. Proper roof maintenance includes trimming trees away from the roof's surface, cleaning out your gutters,
cleaning skylights and sealing exposed areas. Compared to a roof replacement, these tasks are far-less costly and should be done on a yearly basis. We have a program called the Guaranteed Care Club. This service is available for a small monthly investment and gives the client a huge peace of mind. No more getting on a ladder! Membership also includes priority service after a storm for emergency repairs/tarps. Keep in mind, shingle manufacturers require the roof to be properly maintained for the shingle warranty to remain intact.